An action plan

Early on in this journey, when I had just decided that I wanted to make some big changes for me and my family, I wrote an action plan.

Something about that makes me want to laugh when I type it.

Nevertheless, there it is. An action plan. I thought that I might as well share it with you. Starting out can be overwhelming and putting pen to paper and actually looking at my intentions is something that has always made things seem less overwhelming to me. Maybe it will help you in the same way.

I started with this question: what needs to change for me to be able to prioritise giving time and attention to my family, being present in every moment and feeling joy in each and every day.

These were my answers word for word as they popped out of my head and onto paper late one night.

Eliminate the excess stuff

  • improve the practicalities of everyday life
  • less time wasted tidying and looking for lost items
  • more time to focus on my family
  • teach my children not to place too much value on their stuff, sense of security should come from the relationships they have with the people around them
  • I want to cultivate a sense of security and identity from those relationships, not from what we own

Reduce mindless spending an impulse shopping

  • reducing mindless and impulse shopping with set a good example to the children about what it is important an what isn't
  • think about whether a purchase will add value to my life before I make the purchase

Cut back on the use of technology and social media

  • using it as a tool of convenience to manage Rafael sets a bad example from a young age
  • my use of social media has become excessive, not paying attention to Rafael, setting a bad example
  • set healthy boundaries for technology and social media use

That's it. That was my action plan. I think that there is some good stuff there, even if I do laugh a little at having to write an action plan to tell myself to put my phone down and play with my children.

If nothing else, it just goes to show that we should do whatever we need to do to get us onto the right track. Late one night, this is what I needed to do. Maybe it will help you too.

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